Luis Bruno

Linux troubleshooter and Python charmer.

Privacy notice

Privacy Notice


I’m Luis Bruno, and (the website you’re now visiting) is one of my personal websites.

I can be contacted via:

This website is hosted by a 3rd party:

This is an American company, and as such your data is accessible to the USA government.

What data is collected

This website doesn’t set or collect any cookies.

Visiting this website necessarily discloses the following kinds of data:

How I process your data

Visiting any website on the Internet inherently discloses those kinds of data.

I do not store them beyond the ephemeral duration of your visit to my websites, nor do I make any use of it: I do not process your data at all.

Which third parties process your data

Your visit to my websites involves many parties on the Internet – at a minimum:

  1. Fly, the company I chose host my website.
  2. Your own Internet service provider (or mobile network operator):
    • For example: Virgin Media, Comcast, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Sky, etc.
  3. The administrators of the device you’ve used:
    • For example, if you’ve used a computer, smartphone, or tablet provided by tour school or by your employers.
  4. Any Internet transit provider connecting the two above.

All the kinds of data indicated above are visible to each of these third parties: that’s the unique personal identifiers described above, and your network usage and activity data.

How Fly processes your data

I’m not responsible for any of those third parties – except for Fly, whom I chose to host the website in the first place. Their Privacy Policy (available at is silent on the subject of data collection from Internet accessible applications.

To my knowledge, Fly doesn’t collect the kinds of data mentioned above, beyond what’s needed for network monitoring and troubleshooting, and only for a sensible duration for those purposes. They’re an American company, however – you should assume both your unique personal identifiers and your network usage and activity data are being collected by the USA government.